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A forced quarantine

Year: 2020
Pages: 48

Comic comedy in three acts

The coronavirus pandemic breaks out but Annarita seems to be more worried by the gossip about the possible relationship of her  son Claude with a woman much older than him than by the current situation.

The news, reported to her in confidence by a friend, will push her, in fact, to involve her husband in a plan to boycott this love story. Due to the restrictions in force that prevent them from going out, the two will be forced to find any accomplices but above all the person who should replace the old woman in the heart of Claude within the walls of the condominium. Unfortunately for them, the only twenty-year-old girl residing in the building isn't very beautiful. However she has only recently moved and Claude has never met her before. Therefore the parents will only have to invent a way to present her to him without him being able to see her clearly. From that moment on there will be a lot of comings and goings up and down the stairs that will unleash the fury of the tenant on the first floor always ready to fight with anyone who violates the rules imposed to face the pandemic. The plan will seem to have worked, in fact the chosen girl will come to end the relationship with her current boyfriend. Claude, however, not being interested in starting a relationship with her, when he finds out that his intentions have been misunderstood, he will try to take remedial measures. Unfortunately for him Jano, Lidia's ex-boyfriend, has now declared revenge. Will he succeed? Thanks to the intervention of Gustavo, a somewhat alternative character, but above all thanks to one of his pigeons, there will also be a way to communicate with the person who caused this uproar. What will be discovered at that point?





Copyrights: Registered SIAE
Cast: 12 CHARACTERS (6M + 6W) or (7M + 5W) or (8M + 4W)


Year: 2022

Special Mention Narrative or comic theater section at the Award for fiction, theater and poetry "Rice makes good blood" organized by the Light of the Art Association of Rome. (Italy)


Year: 2022

Event: Comedy "a forced quarantine" Awards

Awarding of the 4th edition of the Award for fiction, theater and poetry "The rice makes good blood" organized by the Light of Art Association, which took place on 29th October in Rome.


Special mention Narrative or comic theater section.


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