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A voice in the universe

Year: 2018
Pages: 36

Comic comedy in three acts

The comedy sees a woman struggling with her son and husband intent exclusively on realizing their bizarre ideas, regardless, however, of squandering the entire family patrimony.

At first he supports them, even going into debt to buy a house where they can carry out their projects, then when the budget no longer allows it, he decides to stop financing them. The two, unaware of the woman's intentions, still their diatribe to grab the same space in the garden. Gideon, her husband, to place the invention of the century: a telescope which, according to him, will allow to detect dark matter. Jordan, the son, convinced that he is the reincarnation of Ramses II, to erect a pyramid, the construction of which will take place the prophecy that will allow him to regain the power of the past. Gideon, in addition to wanting to make the telescope, also has another dream: to send his voice into the universe. Having learned that a probe will be sent into space, he decides to replace the voice of the president of the United States with his own, and for this, with the help of a friend, he will violate NASA's security system, not without consequences. Susanna, having reached the limit of endurance, first decides to boycott the plans of her husband and son, even going so far as to have Jordan declare mentally ill by a false psychologist. Then, when she realizes that Tessa, the wealthy daughter-in-law, is willing to pay the costs of building the pyramid, she retraces her steps and makes the foreman review the estimates, so that Tessa also pays the money for her husband project. In the end, even the prophecy will come true allowing the family to solve all the economic problems, but Gideon's dreams of glory will open the doors of the prison to him, because the crime committed only for vain glory certainly cannot go unpunished.




Copyrights: Registered SIAE
Cast: 12 CHARACTERS (8 M + 4 W) or (9 M + 3 W) or (7 M + 5 W) or (6 M + 6 W)


Year: 2023

2nd place in the Fuscaldo National Literary Award... 1st edition. Fuscaldo (CS). Italy

Year: 2023

at the "Le Pietre di Anuaria" International Literary Award. Castelfranco Veneto (TV). Italy


Year: 2023

Event: Comedy "A Voice in the Universe" Awards

 Awarding of the "Le Pietre di Anuaria" International Literary award which took place at the Academic Theater of Castelfranco Veneto on  November 18th

Mention of honour in the theatrical text section

Year: 2023

Event: Comedy "A Voice in the Universe" Awards

Awarding of the Fuscaldo National Literary Award 1st edition which took place in Fuscaldo in the historic Villa Carlini on  September 16th

2nd place in the theater section



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