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Two wonderful wings

Year: 2019
Pages: 38


Comic comedy in three acts

A sudden drop in sales pushes Michael, owner and oenologist of a winery, to try to identify the source of the problem in order to solve the situation.

Fearing that the cause is due to his loss of taste which occurred following surgery, he consults a naturist who suggests him an alternative way to speed up the healing process. The man, in fact, suggests to Michael to find a particular creature in danger of extinction: the red vampire, whose saliva has healing properties. The animal is a genetic mutation resulting from the crossing between a vampire bat and a rupicola which has the particularity of having wings as red as fire. Fate had wanted that a specimen of that breed had been saved by Michele's father, Martin, who took care of that strange bird until the day his wife forced him to give him freedom again. With the hope that the bird is hidden in the vineyards, some members of the firm staff begin to search desperately for the animal. Meanwhile, Michael's mother, after learning of the drop in olive oil sales, believing that the cause of all the troubles is attributable to the evil eye, consults a sorceress who will come to do her purification rite. Her intervention will be important, especially to give Martin some advice to be able to find the key to the problem. Like a private investigator, Martin will find out that the oil and wine were deliberately adulterated to bankrupt the company and take it over for two cents. Those responsible for the plot will be forced to confess. Eventually the red vampire will be found, and his saliva will allow Michele to heal, but above all, thanks to a brilliant intuition, it will allow him to revive the fortunes of the company.




Copyrights: Registered SIAE
Cast: 12 CHARACTERS (6 M + 6 W) or (7 M + 5 W) or (8 M + 4 W)


Year: 2023

Particular mention of the jury in the theater / cinema / film and theater criticism section (unpublished) at the "48th Casentino International Award" in Poppi (AR)


Year: 2023

Event: Comedy "Two Wonderful Wings" Awards

Awarding of the 48th Casentino International Literary Award for Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Theater and Cinema which took place on July 22nd in the San Fedele Abbey in Poppi (AR)

Particular mention by the jury in the theatre/cinema/film and theater criticism section (Unpublished)


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