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Marco Ciaramella
I have been and still am a great lover of theater and I had the great Angelo Susini as a teacher (in my opinion one of the best directors and actors of the second post-war period), thanks to the guidance of whom, for years, I was able to act interpreting important roles in operettas and comedies represented at the regional level.
I was born in 1964 in Pontedera (PISA), Italy, where I still live. I am a big fan of racing cars, having competed in rally races for many years, achieving good results. Another great passion of mine is literature in which, in 2013, I made my debut with the novel "Unknown forces" which was followed by two others ("Dark mysteries" and "Katy Zeller and the prophecy of the painting"). On the occasion of the birth of my nephew Viola, I wrote a collection of stories for young readers.
In 2015 I graduated in film and television acting at the Academy of Artists in Rome. After having founded the Pontederese Theater Company, of which I am the president and the artistic director, I tried my hand as a playwright and director and I started staging in theaters in my region (first of all the Era theater in Pontedera, which has now become a national theater) my works that have received many awards in national and international literary competitions. In addition to preparing the actors of the theater company, I also organize theater workshops for children and adults.

Acting course: Academy of Artists of Rome


Graduated from the acting course at the prestigious Accademia Degli Artisti in Rome, in which entertainment personalities such as Christian De Sica, Fioretta Mari, Luca Ward, Andrea Roncato, were tutors.

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