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I started my radio adventure with three important artists: Massimo Kai, a very good stand-up comedian and imitator who has worked in TV and cinema alongside important celebrities such as Gino Bramieri, Leo Gullotta, Pippo Baudo, Giorgio Panariello and many others; Gianfranco Ferretti, teacher of music education and well-known composer, also author of the theme song for the program and Andrea Sereni, one of the best animators and advertising agents in the area who has worked for several local TV stations.

This program, entitled "Saddìddindà", aired on PuntoRadio (91.1 and 91.6 FM) saw me and my colleagues virtually traveling on board a camper all over Italy.
During the journey, the meeting with well-known characters of the show, masterfully imitated by the histrionic Massimo Kai and with characters of pure fantasy with a single common denominator the extravagance, gave life to some very hilarious gags, all enlivened by the notes of the keyboard by maestro Ferretti.

Given the numerous requests received, we decided to adapt the show in order to have live evenings. The debut of the quartet in question took place in Piazza Caduti, in Cascina (PISA) Italy, on 30 July 2015, and was a great success.

So be careful: if in one of your squares you spot a strange camper with characters on board that you seem to know, hurry up, that fun is guaranteed!!!

Marco Ciaramella radio

Radio program: “Saddìddindà”


Debut of the program in question, which took place in Piazza Caduti, in Cascina (Pisa), on July 30th, a show that met with considerable success.

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