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A job to pass on

Year: 2018
Pages: 37

Comic comedy in three acts

When we think we know the people who share our daily life, very often we are wrong. It would be enough to have the courage to speak sincerely with our loved ones and perhaps, we would avoid making mistakes that can change the entire course of our existence.

Virgil is a boy often derided for his small disability, but above all for his sexual orientation. After having endured too long the abuses by a boy of his age, in order not to submit to the blackmail of the young delinquent who threatens to put his compromising photos online, he decides to commit a crime and from victim he will become an executioner. Being unable, because his small disability, to materially commit the crime, he instigates his friend Emmanuel to do so. His intent is to spare his parents the biggest disappointment of their life. What Virgil ignores, in fact, is that if only he had the courage to tell the truth, he would be amazed at the reaction of them, who aren't the old bigots as he thinks. Unfortunately for him, his gesture will not go unpunished, because the murdered boy is the son of a member of the underworld who will seek revenge. When the danger becomes looming, all that remains is to have the police intervene, thus opening Pandora's box and someone will pay the consequences. Piers, Virgil's father, will make a great sacrifice by taking the blame for the murder. The son, to repay him, can only make real man's greatest dream, that is to carry on the artisan business that has been passed on in that family for generations and which otherwise would have been closed forever. Despite the topic dealt with, there will be moments of hilarity thanks to the presence of particular characters such as Farley, the grocer, always ready to play jokes on everyone, but who in the most important moment will show great sensitivity and a deep sense of friendship.




Copyrights: Registered SIAE
Cast: 13 CHARACTERS (10M + 3W) or (8M + 5W)


Year: 2021

Special jury award in the theater/cinema section (Unpublished) at the "La Ginestra Literary Award" in Florence. Italy

Year: 2021

Mention of honour by the jury in the theater / cinema section at the 46th Casentino International Literary Award (Poppi - AR) Italy


Year: 2021

Event: Comedy "A job to pass on" Awards

Due to Covid restrictions, the awarding could not be held in attendance.

 Special jury award in the theater/cinema section (Unpublished).

Year: 2021

Event: Comedy "A job to pass on" Awards

Awarding of the 46th Casentino International Literary Award for Poetry, Narrative and Non-fiction "Silvio Miano", which took place on July 24th in the San Fedele di Poppi abbey (AR)

Mention of honour by the jury in the theater / cinema section (Unpublished)



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