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The dream of travelling in time

Year: 2021
Pages: 31

Comic comedy in three acts

Vincent, an aerospace engineer, convinced that he can no longer solve the marital crisis that has separated him from his wife for years, builds a time machine that will allow him to take a leap into the past in order to change the course of his life .

The events, however, will not take place as planned and instead of being projected into the past, man will be able to take a look at his future. This will allow him to realize he didn't make a bad choice when he decided to marry Cassandra. The knowledge of this will prompt him to try to win her back and prove that he is not the spineless one she thinks. Will it succeed? How? But then, did the time machine really catapult him into the future, or was his great desire to become a father that he saw come true on his time travel just the fruit of a dream? Hadn't he taken an analgesic before leaving? Only the public will answer these questions.



Copyrights: Registered SIAE
Cast: 11 CHARACTERS (5 M + 6 F) or (4 M + 7 F) or (3M + 8 F)


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