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It's me

Year: 2015
Pages: 35

Comic comedy in three acts

Playing with the world of the occult is not recommended because very often it can have unforeseen and above all uncontrollable consequences.

This is what Moriah, Simon and Shane will find out following a séance. In fact, they will come into contact with an otherworldly entity that from that moment on will begin to give them torment. They will have only one way to stop the spirit: find a woman named Victoria. Only in this way he will be able to rest in peace and above all will it be able to stop destroying objects in their homes. Unfortunately, with the little information available, the search will not be easy. But, since nothing is ever due to chance, fate want that woman to be much closer than they think. Victoria is in fact the lady who gives sewing lessons to Moriah's mother. But why did that spirit bother to contact that woman? What is left unfinished with her? The answers are traced back to the deceased's desire to reunite his family, which the adversities of life separated many years earlier, and to the desire to "meet", albeit from a parallel universe, the daughter born after his death. This episode will radically change the existence of Michela, Moira's mother; finding out the truth will finally melt her heart and make her a better person.




Copyrights: Registered SIAE
Cast: 9 CHARACTERS (5W + 4M) or (6W + 3M)


Year: 2015

Finalist at the XXVII Giuseppe Gioacchino Belli International Competition in Rome. Italy

Year: 2021

Honorable mention at the National Literary Award city of Ascoli Piceno 3rd edition. Italy


Year: 2015

Event: Comedy "It's Me" Awards

Awarding of the XXVII Giuseppe Gioacchino Belli International Competition which took place in Rome on December 18th at the Campidoglio in the Protomoteca hall.

Finalist in the theater section

Year: 2021

Event: Comedy "It's Me" Awards

Awarding of the National Literary Prize City of Ascoli Piceno 3rd Edition in Ascoli Piceno in the Auditorium Neroni,  on November 20th.

Honorable mention in the theater section


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