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My son

Year: 2015
Pages: 41

Comic comedy in three acts

One night's erotic adventure can sometimes have serious repercussions.

Walter and Carter, after a bold night, conceive two children who have strange peculiarities. Both children, in addition to giving off a particular smell of wet sawdust, continually have an immeasurable hunger, which if not satisfied properly, pushes them to bite everything and everyone. Ginnie, Walter's wife, decides to find out more. Walter, alarmed, contacts his friend and asks for explanations regarding the pill they both took that night and he will find out that the drug in question is usually given to horses or bulls to help them in the coupling, so that they can repeat for many times their performance. In order not to confess their betrayal, the two men will try in every way to prevent their wives from discovering the truth. A doctor, after examining one of the children, will ascertain that the symptoms exhibited are attributable to the contraction of a strange virus that generally affects primate babies. The doubt as to whether the disease was contracted following the relationship with the veterinarian's assistant, who went into menage that evening, or is attributable to the drug itself, will be revealed by the person responsible for the infection. The latter will also claim that her intent was to use humans instead of defenseless animals as cavies for experimentation. To fix everything, the girl will only have to deliver the therapy, but before doing so she will propose a particular experiment...



Copyrights: Registered SIAE
Cast: 8 CHARACTERS (3 M + 5 W + 1 doll)


Year: 2015

4th place at the “Fortuna Dautore Literary Award” I edition (Bari).

Year: 2022

3rd place at the "Unicamilano International Cultural Award 2019"


Year: 2022

Event: Comedy "My son"Awards

"Unicamilano International Cultural Award 2019"

3rd place in the theatrical work section

Year: 2015

Event: Comedy "My son"Awards

Awarding of the "Fortuna Dautore" Literary Award, which took place on February 14th at the auditorium La Vallisa in Bari.

4th place in the theater section


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