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It's mine

Year: 2016
Pages: 32

Comic Comedy in three acts

In this comedy the theme of job insecurity is ironically treated.

Ernest, in fact, is an unemployed fifty-year-old who is trying to return to the world of work. In one of the many unsuccessful job interviews he will realize that after a certain age threshold a person is cut off. Hiring young people costs much less and nothing matters if all this is to the detriment of the quality of the service offered. The man, depressed and disheartened, has attempted suicide several times, because he thinks that no one will give him a chance anymore. But he is wrong because he can count on sincere friends who will concoct a grotesque plan to spur him to react. The idea is to make him reflect on an important issue that distracts him from the problem that afflicts him. Since the man would never voluntarily undergo a psychoanalysis session, his friends decide to make him do it in a somewhat unusual way, hiring a doctor who uses a rather alternative method to visit his patients, so much so that he will pretend to be a buyer of souls. Ernest, in fact, to scrape together some money, replies to a bizarre article in the newspaper and agrees to sell his own. Following his repentance he will do everything to get it back. To find enough money to get his soul back or in any case to devise a ruse to get out of that situation, he will ask for help from the same person who, without his knowledge, with the complicity of others, concocted the plan. In this story, characters of all kinds will alternate, some even quite bizarre like Ernest's sisters-in-law who seem to make their appearance only to disturb the peace of the family, but who in reality will contribute to the success of this crazy plan that will lead Ernest to regain trust in others, but above all to find a job.



Copyrights: Registered SIAE
Cast: 10 CHARACTERS (5M + 5W)


Year: 2022

Mention of Commendation in the theater section at the "Francesco Giampietri National Literary Award 1st edition" of Venafro (IS). Italy


Year: 2022

Event: Comedy "It's mine" Awards

Awarding of the National Literary Award "Francesco Giampietri 1st edition", which took place on May 28th in Venafro.

Mention of Commendation in the theater section.


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