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Investigations underway at the Rally

Year: 2013
Pages: 36

Reconstructing an apparent car race accident will uncover an unexpected truth.

The inspector in charge of the investigations, although not a man of great culture, thanks to his peculiar acumen, will be able to discover that in that world, unknown to him, a real crime has been committed. During the story, the protagonist will have to face not only the daily problems of his profession, but also those related to his family life. He will thus have the opportunity to show a person diametrically opposed to the one he wants to appear at work. At the end of the story those responsible for the plot against a poor boy, victim of the greed of his self-styled friends, will be discovered and will have to deal with their consciences. Everything takes place in an apparently hilarious atmosphere but which has as its primary objective that of highlighting important issues.



Copyrights: Registered SIAE
Cast: 20 CHARACTERS (14 M + 6 W)


Year: 2017

Ranked in 3rd place in the theater section at the "XV National Literary Award City of Mesagne - Brindisi"


Year: 2017

Event: Comedy "Investigations underway at the Rally" Awards

Awarding of the  XV National Literary Award "City of Mesagne" which took place on December 3rd at the municipal theater of Mesagne (Brindisi)

3rd place in the theater section



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