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Ours is not the classic school, but a path to be lived together until the staging, in fact everyone will eventually perform on a stage. There are no auditions to enter but to be part of it on a permanent basis you need to have what I call the sacred fire of acting. This implies: commitment and respect towards others, both throughout the course of study and on the day of the performance. Because every single actor is fundamental to the success of the whole group. Having established this concept, we can start by saying that those who come to us will immediately receive a script, but not for an audition. It is not our intention to immediately attest to the aptitude for acting, that will be understood after a few meetings. The excitement and embarrassment of being in front of emeritus strangers could play tricks! So to see a performance worthy of the real skills we believe an initial acclimatization phase is appropriate. If necessary, we will start with the exercises of education of the voice, basic for those who aspire to act in the theater. After that the aspiring actor will start with substitutions and then if he wants, as soon as there is a vacant part, he will be assigned one. At that point he will have to memorize his lines. I will teach him a study method, if he doesn't already have it, after which he will begin a journey with the rest of the group and an individual one with me, where I will explain every aspect of his character, analyzing every single word and feeling. The technique will be acquired mainly in this second path. Concepts such as fourth wall, tempo, rhythm, internal dialogue, pauses, scene objective, general objective, will be stored without any effort, just by spending some time with me. Having embraced the thesis of the great teacher Stanislavskij that an actor must never play a part, but only live it, I believe that only with this type of work it is possible to fully understand one's character. And to experience the part it is essential to do it. Only in this way will we be able to study how he moves on stage and, without realizing it, the actor will learn to stay on stage and understand how to control his body. The last step will consist in studying the counter-scene, that is the mimicry by which the actor who does not participate in the dialogue underlines the lines of the actors of the stage action. In this phase the imagination will be teased and sharpened, in fact everyone can bring their own ideas that will be discussed and evaluated. The icing on the cake, at the end of the course of study, all that remains is to go on stage and it will be electrifying. The company will provide sets of a certain value worthy of the most important theaters. To carry out our business we have a very large office where we have a stage room where we jealously guard our sets, furnishings and costumes and a rehearsal room of 150 square meters.

This is our reality, if you want to be part of it, get in touch with us, we will welcome you with open arms.

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Year: 2019

Event: Acting courses for adults

Theater workshop for adults (Compagnia Teatrale Pontederese Headquarters) in Ponsacco (Pisa) Italy.

Year: 2017

Event: Acting courses for adults

Theater workshop for adults in Pontedera (Pisa) Italy.

Year: 2017

Event: Grest 2017

Theater workshop for children.

At the end of the course the show on the life of St. Francis of Assisi was staged.

Year: 2016

Event: Grest 2016

Theater workshop for children.

At the end of the course the show "The Olympics" was staged.

Year: 2015

Event: Grest 2015

Theater workshop for children.

At the end of the course the show "The bridge" was staged.

Year: 2015

Event: Acting courses for adults

Theater workshop for adults (Parish Oratory Theater)

Year: 1989

Event: My beginnings

My beginnings on the scene as a leading actor... where my love for the theater began!

Representation of the comedy "L'acqua cheta" by Augusto Novelli set in 1908, staged here at the theater of San Lorenzo in Pagnatico (Pisa) Italy by the local theater company where I played the role of "Cecco".

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