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A race against time

Year: 2018
Pages: 43

Comic comedy in three acts

A strange anonymous phone call, which seems to have the air of a bad joke, immediately puts Albertina on alert.

The woman, believing that her son has been kidnapped, orders her husband to go immediately to look for him despite the bad weather outside. The man, initially refractory, yields to his wife's pressure, but his searches will not result in finding his son. The boy, who left the house for his usual training, has not yet returned. Albertina, very worried, decides to alert, on the advice of a friend, a police constable who, unofficially, starts an investigation. The kidnapper initially sends the family, via a rider, an enigmatic ultimatum, then sends the real requests. From that moment a real race against time begins. In reality, Maverick, an excellent marathoner, has not been kidnapped at all, but someone has thought of poisoning him and to save his life he will have to give in to blackmail. The intent of the person responsible for the poisoning is to force him to confess to the use of doping substances and to push him to run clean for the rest of his competitive career, but not before having denounced who instigated him to do so: his coach. But what will the antidote consist of? And what effects will it have? 

There will be moments of hilarity, especially thanks to the presence of a nice character, husband of Albertina's friend. The man less and less lucid due to the multitude of drugs that his wife forces him to take, will be able to arouse numerous laughter, despite the apparent gravity of the situation.






Copyrights: Registered SIAE
Cast: 14 CHARACTERS (8 M + 6 W) or (7 M + 7 W) or (6 M + 8 W) or (5 M + 9 W) or (9M + 5 W)


Year: 2023

Particular mention of the jury in the unpublished theater/cinema section at the "La Ginestra Literary Award" in Florence. (Italy)


Year: 2023

Event: Comedy "A race against time" Awards

Awarding of the Literary Award "La Ginestra" of Florence, which took place on May 13th in Florence.

Particular mention of the jury in the unpublished theater / cinema section


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