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Rally races and the Rally Company

When I started my adventure in the racing world I only had a lot of courage but my technique was almost non-existent, it was only thanks to the help of expert pilots of the caliber of Giovanni Doni and Roberto Galli that I managed to remedy the fact that I haven't had the economic opportunity to attend a CSAI piloting course.

But they weren't the only ones I was inspired by and from whom I learned to get good results; I cannot fail to mention the great navigator Massimo Galli and very strong drivers from whom I was able to learn a lot like Claudio Macchi, Maurizio Rossi and Luigi Chiarini. Together with Giovanni Marconcini, Daniele Toti, Maurizio Morelli and my dear friend Giovanni Doni, who was an example for me to imitate not only as a driver but also as a person, I founded the Rally Company racing team, which, however, broke up after the too premature death of the latter who was its president.

For about twenty years with Giovanni Marconcini, my historic navigator, I have competed in many races with excellent results. I can say that I wrote a little page with him in the Tuscan rally world. Many people still today remember us with affection; certainly some of our spectacular passages have left their mark!!!

Marco Ciaramella rally

Rally: various races

Photos taken at some of the races I participated in those years:

  • Rally Sprint Fettunta
  • Trofeo Maremma
  • Rally del Cuoio
  • Rally Alta Val di Cecina
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