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The ladybirds song

Year: 2019
Pages: 51

Comic comedy in three acts

The desire to help his mother Suzy, an aspiring musician, fulfill her dream drives Anson to get involved with shady individuals and drug dealers.

The boy, despite being educated with sound principles, will look for the simplest way to earn some easy money, but soon he will realize that he is involved in a bigger deal than himself from which he can no longer withdraw. Convinced by his friend Lonny, he will hide a batch of cocaine and marijuana in the cupboard at home, which however, Paul, the father, will mistake for aphrodisiac products to be used to treat psycho-sexual problems. There will therefore be misunderstandings of patients convinced that they are going to an agency to solve their sentimental and family problems that will end up leaving with modest quantities of drug. There will also be an attempt to blackmail a well-known and respected therapist, considered by Paul to be responsible for this illegal trafficking. To the surprise of the protagonists, in the end, however, it will be discovered that behind it all lies the unsuspected Wendy, the woman, whom Suzy considers a friend and who has offered her various job opportunities. Seeing Suzy's reluctance to accept the latest job offer, Wendy to be able to assiduously infiltrate the house in order to keep an eye on the drug will offer her something truly tempting. Trying to exploit the woman's dream of living on music, she will propose three unlikely-looking members of a band known by the stage name: “Le coccinelle”. The plan devised by Wendy, however, will take an unexpected turn and, in the end, the woman will have to come out. With what consequences? Someone will end up in jail and someone else will end up in the hospital. Will it be her? Will Suzy be able to fulfill her dream? And what can the song of ladybirds shout to the whole world?



Copyrights: Registered SIAE
Cast: 12 CHARACTERS (7 M + 5 W) or (6 M + 6 W) or (5 M + 7 W) or (4 M + 8 W)


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