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Two years in a mental hospital

Year: 2017
Pages: 42

Comic comedy in three acts

The obsessive desire to become a mother pushes Tania, who no longer believes in the couple relationship, to consult a doctor to undergo assisted fertilization.

Given the young age of the girl, Rosy and Oswald, the parents, not sharing their daughter's choice, try in every way to hinder the project. The two think, in fact, that it is a mere whim and that she is too stubborn to admit it. Furthermore, the fear of the repercussions that this could have on the health of the daughter pushes the couple to try to sabotage the meeting with the gynecologist who should perform the implant. Unfortunately, some small misunderstandings cause their plan to fail. So, all that remains is to ask for help from Sonia, Rosy's sister, with the hope that at least she will be able to convince her niece to change her mind. But how can a deranged woman who has been interned in a mental hospital for two years and who performs tribal rituals to chase away spirits be of any help? In spite of what her sister thinks, it will be she who devises the plan that will put Tania face to face with reality and that will open her eyes by showing her that who had done everything to encourage her had done it only for personal gain.



Copyrights: Registered SIAE
Cast: 11 CHARACTERS. (6 M + 5 W) or (5 M + 6 W) or (4 M + 7 W)


Year: 2022

Special mention by the jury in the theater / cinema / film and theatrical criticism section at the 47th Casentino International Literary Award (Poppi - AR)


Year: 2022

Event: Comedy "Two Years in a mental hospital" Awards

Awarding of the 47th Casentino International Literary Award for Poetry, Narrative and Non-fiction "Silvio Miano", which took place on September 18th in the San Fedele di Poppi abbey (AR)


Special mention by the jury in the theater /cinema / film and theatrical criticism section


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