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20 Lire "Oak Branch"

Year: 2017
Pages: 38

Comic comedy in three acts

There are two important themes in this comedy: that of a mother's possessive love for her son and that of gambling addiction.

Nicla is a mother who, although animated by the best of intentions, ends up suffocating her son Thomas with too much love. The woman doesn't realize how deleterious her behavior is for the boy's growth. The boy, despite having reached the age to enter the adult world, is as naïve as a child and therefore vulnerable and manageable by anyone. The father, Gaspero, wanting to encourage his son, tries to help him open up to the world, however, unknowingly, he will push him into the arms of a person who will only try to take advantage of the boy's naivety. Fortunately, fate will bring Thomas to meet a sweet girl named Perla who will change the course of events. Finding true love will give the boy the right push to start looking at life through the eyes of an adult. But he won't be the only person who has to take over the reins of his life. Gaspero will also have to do the same, starting from regaining the respect of his wife. To succeed in this he will have to put her face to face with reality, in order to make her aware of the mistakes she is committing towards her son and brother Leo. Her compulsive gambling mania, initially born to satisfy the desire to complete a particular collection of Thomas, made her lose sight of the initial intent and ended up ruining her family and that of Leo who had financed her until that moment. In the end Thomas will be able to fulfill his dream of love and find his independence, but above all he will fulfill the dream of completing the collection of coins inherited from his grandfather.




Copyrights: Registered SIAE
Cast: 10 CHARACTERS (5 M + 5 W) or (6 M + 4 W) or (4 M + 6 W) or (3 M + 7 W)


Year: 2022

Special jury award in the unpublished theater / cinema section at the "La Ginestra Literary Award" in Florence. (Italy)


Year: 2022

Event: Comedy "20 Lire Oak Branch" Awards

Awarding of the Literary Award "La Ginestra" of Florence, which took place on April 9th in Florence at the Auditorium Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze.

Special jury award in the unpublished theater / cinema section


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