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The unexpected

Year: 2015
Pages: 40

Comic comedy in three acts

A funny comedy with mysterious implications in which the unexpected, the family doctor's vacation, will lead to the discovery of a murder.

What apparently seemed a death due to natural causes, will prove to be a crime premeditated by two people: the first animated by a sick love and the other by mere greed. Greed, in fact, will be the protagonist throughout the story. It is no coincidence that one of the protagonists, precisely because of the desire to grab money, will reshuffle the cards on the table, risking to be involved in the plot hatched by the real managers. The continuous alternation of characters of all kinds will highlight how much the human soul is endowed with a varied range of feelings. However, the final message is a message of hope, and there will be a happy ending: good will win over evil and truth will win over lies. So those responsible will be brought to justice, those who tried to take possession of assets not their own will pay the consequences of their actions and those who were not lucky at their birth will finally have their well-deserved happiness.




Copyrights: Registered SIAE
Cast: 10 CHARACTERS (5M + 5W) or (4M + 6W) or (3M + 7W)


Year: 2015

3rd place in the unpublished theatrical text section at the XXXIII Florence Award. Italy


Year: 2015

Event: Comedy "The Unexpected" Awards

Awarding of the XXXIII Florence Award which took place on December 5th in Florence in the "Salone dei Cinquecento" in Palazzo Vecchio. Italy

3rd classified in the unpublished theatrical text section.


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