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The first day

Year: 2015
Pages: 15

Comic one-act theatrical piece.

The short story takes place inside a spare parts warehouse of a car dealership.

The naive protagonist, during his first day at work, will be the target of little jokes by future colleagues who, by doing so, will try to evaluate his character, acumen but above all his possible attachment to work. The boy, finding himself interacting with bizarre customers, will try to do his best not to disappoint the expectations of those who gave him that opportunity, even if his patience will be really tested and when, resigned, he will throw in the towel, he will realize that despite all the mistakes made, he has passed the test.




Copyrights: Registered SIAE
Cast: 10 CHARACTERS (10 M)


Year: 2015

Award for best comic writing at "The Riviera of monologues" competition. Bordighera. Italy


Year: 2015

Event: Theatrical piece "The first day" Awards

Awarding of "The Riviera of monologues" competition which took place on May 17th in Bordighera at the Polyvalent Cultural Center (formerly the Anglican Church).

Awarded for best comic writing



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