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The Uncle Marco's stories

Year: 2014
Pages: 84
ISBN: 9788863474121
Publishier: SBC Edizioni

Written on the occasion of the birth of the niece Viola: they are three stories for children, set in completely different contexts but which are bearers of the same feelings and good principles.

From the world of nature to the family environment, to the man-animal relationship, the three stories speak of love in all its forms, of fraternal bonds, of feelings linked to the sphere of everyday life but reported in more particular contexts: the small world of insects , the life of two extravagant brothers, the world of ice. Three funny and fascinating stories for little readers.




Year: 2015

Ranked in 2nd place in the published narrative section, at the "Giovanni Gronchi International Literary Competition 29th edition".

Year: 2018

Honour mention in the published section at the "Quercia in fable National Literary Award 1st edition".


Year: 2018

Event: Books "Uncle Marco's stories" Awards

Awarding of the National Literary Award "Quercia in Fable", which took place on July 1st in Quercia di Aulla. Italy

Honour mention in the published section.

Year: 2015

Event: Books "Uncle Marco's stories" Awards

Awarding of the International Literary Competition "Giovanni Gronchi" 29th edition, which took place in Pontedera (Pisa) Italy on November 8th.
(over 1000 participants also from abroad)

2nd place in the published Narrative section

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