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Curzio an investigator in Valdera

Year: 2017
Pages: 240

An ordinary man, with a keen and innate flair for the investigation, improvising himself as an investigator, will be able to shed light on a murder case involving the son of a close friend.

The uproar aroused by the success for being able to unveil the mystery will later bring him other "customers". Six complicated investigations will push Curzio to investigate in the wonderful Valdera area.



Year: 2018

Jury and critics award at the "Literary Award City of Siena" III Edition


Year: 2018

Event: Books "Curzio an investigator in Valdera" Awards

Awarding of the III "City of Siena Literary Award" which took place on 25th May in room 22 of the University for Foreigners of Siena. Italy

Jury award and Critics' award (awarded by the journalists of the independent Siena press group). Section: Unpublished novel or collection of unpublished short stories.

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