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Comic comedy in three acts

The text of the comedy aims to communicate current issues such as those of scams by unsuspected people who with dialectics and the compliance of "friends", try in every way to cheat anyone, in the certainty of always being able to get away with it, but reality in the end will show the exact opposite. At the end of the story there will also be a decidedly surprise ending, with an unexpected reversal of roles. The apparently foolish and easily exploited character will take his revenge and demonstrate that wit and genius can be hidden much better behind an apparently dumb and harmless face. And all this to demonstrate how one should never underestimate one's neighbor and how wrong it is to have too much consideration of oneself, because the smartest person who can cheat may be just around the corner.
Unfortunately it will also be deduced that in everyday life, justice does not always triumph and that certain criminals manage not to pay completely for their misdeeds.

He was good
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Dramatic comedy in three acts

When I will be reborn is a comedy with a strong social content. The drama of the situation is highlighted while using often funny dialogues. A bitter smile, in fact, will accompany the whole story. The protagonist, an elderly disabled person, gifted with great acumen and sensitivity, will find himself struggling with great pain that is not exclusively due to his handicap, but from the awareness that people he loved repay him by making him feel a useless rejection of society. First of all the son and his wife, pushed by the daughter-in-law who only aims to get rid of the old man to take over his money. Only partially will the love of the nephew relieve this burden. The tragic ending, however, will have positive implications, thanks above all to the intervention of a child, a friend of his grandson, who, with his innocence, will lead the people concerned to examine their conscience and change, even if too late.

When I will be reborn
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Comic comedy in three acts

A false holographic will with absurd requests, delivered to a notary by the deceased's faithful collaborator, will mark the beginning of a real competition between the heirs, to grab the assets. The heirs, willing to do anything to prevent the uncle's assets from being donated to charity, will face each other, with no holds barred, in the following competitions: arm wrestling, five-pin billiards, bridge, table football and athletics. Unfortunately for them, however, each test will not have the desired result, due to some unexpected difficulties: heavy shoes like lead for athletics competitions, rigged billiard balls and so on. The competition, in addition to reviving old disagreement, will also give birth to new alliances and in the end a divided family will return to being cohesive, especially when it discovers that the stake is not at all the uncle's assets, but a casket apparently without no value. The final twist will not be missing either, because the one who has concocted the whole game will be duped in turn and will be forced to pay the consequences for the crime he committed to be able to take possession of everything.

The inheritance
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Comic comedy in three acts

The story told in this comedy involves two pairs of self-styled friends who will try in every way not to reveal a thorny story that involved them thirty years earlier. Gabriel and David, in fact, at the time, had exchanged their respective wives, one with the intent of a simple escapade and the other out of spite for the wrong suffered. Once back together with their wives, however, they had to realize that their ménage had had two consequences: one named Roberta and the other named Omar. To see their natural children grow up they had chosen to live close together and take care of each other's child. For years there had been sparks of poison between the wives of the two and when the four must be united to prevent the sons from discovering the truth, what will happen? Despite the various expedients that couples will resort to mislead their now suspicious children, they will have to deal with the wit of those concerned and with fate. Eventually the skeleton in the closet will be discovered and not without consequences!

The compromise
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 Comic comedy in three acts

The comedy sees two parents struggling with two daughters of marriageable age who, however, have no intention of leaving the house. The father, to force destiny, decides to follow the advice of a dear friend by arranging the meeting with some suitors who, however, do not find favor with his wife because they live on the other side of the city. Fearful of losing her daughters, Sabina will try to hinder the success of the appointment. In order to keep her daughters close to her, she will even be inclined to listen to the advice of a drunkard who proposes to her two young people who live very close instead. Therefore, she will try to hinder the meeting with the suitors proposed by her husband's friend, denigrating the boys because of the work they do. Nonetheless, one of these two will be able to break through the heart of Carmelina, one of the daughters. Concettina, on the other hand, interested only in study and career, shows that she is not interested in anyone. However, when the second suitors show up, even her cold heart will melt instantly. The only peculiarity is that the newcomers are really very strange types; in fact their bizarre way of walking and talking will lead everyone present to believe that they come from another planet. At the end, the audience will decide if the explanation for their strange attitude is that, but the teaching these kids will give will be a real life lesson for everyone, regardless of whoever they are and from wherever they may come.

The alien
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Comic comedy in three acts

A funny comedy with mysterious implications in which the unexpected, the family doctor's vacation, will lead to the discovery of a murder. What apparently seemed a death due to natural causes, will prove to be a crime premeditated by two people: the first animated by a sick love and the other by mere greed. Greed, in fact, will be the protagonist throughout the story. It is no coincidence that one of the protagonists, precisely because of the desire to grab money, will reshuffle the cards on the table, risking to be involved in the plot hatched by the real managers. The continuous alternation of characters of all kinds will highlight how much the human soul is endowed with a varied range of feelings. However, the final message is a message of hope, and there will be a happy ending: good will win over evil and truth will win over lies. So those responsible will be brought to justice, those who tried to take possession of assets not their own will pay the consequences of their actions and those who were not lucky at their birth will finally have their well-deserved happiness.

The unexpected
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Comic comedy in three acts

Reconstructing an apparent car race accident will uncover an unexpected truth. The inspector in charge of the investigations, although not a man of great culture, thanks to his peculiar acumen, will be able to discover that in that world, unknown to him, a real crime has been committed. During the story, the protagonist will have to face not only the daily problems of his profession, but also those related to his family life. He will thus have the opportunity to show a person diametrically opposed to the one he wants to appear at work. At the end of the story those responsible for the plot against a poor boy, victim of the greed of his self-styled friends, will be discovered and will have to deal with their consciences. Everything takes place in an apparently hilarious atmosphere but which has as its primary objective that of highlighting important issues.

Investigations underway at the Rally
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Comic comedy in three acts

One night's erotic adventure can sometimes have serious repercussions. Walter and Carter, after a bold night, conceive two children who have strange peculiarities. Both children, in addition to giving off a particular smell of wet sawdust, continually have an immeasurable hunger, which if not satisfied properly, pushes them to bite everything and everyone. Ginnie, Walter's wife, decides to find out more. Walter, alarmed, contacts his friend and asks for explanations regarding the pill they both took that night and he will find out that the drug in question is usually given to horses or bulls to help them in the coupling, so that they can repeat for many times their performance. In order not to confess their betrayal, the two men will try in every way to prevent their wives from discovering the truth. A doctor, after examining one of the children, will ascertain that the symptoms exhibited are attributable to the contraction of a strange virus that generally affects primate babies. The doubt as to whether the disease was contracted following the relationship with the veterinarian's assistant, who went into menage that evening, or is attributable to the drug itself, will be revealed by the person responsible for the infection. The latter will also claim that her intent was to use humans instead of defenseless animals as cavies for experimentation. To fix everything, the girl will only have to deliver the therapy, but before doing so she will propose a particular experiment...

My son
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Comic comedy in three acts

Vincent, an aerospace engineer, convinced that he can no longer solve the marital crisis that has separated him from his wife for years, builds a time machine that will allow him to take a leap into the past in order to change the course of his life. The events, however, will not take place as planned and instead of being projected into the past, man will be able to take a look at his future. This will allow him to realize he didn't make a bad choice when he decided to marry Cassandra. The knowledge of this will prompt him to try to win her back and prove that he is not the spineless one she thinks. Will it succeed? How? But then, did the time machine really catapult him into the future, or was his great desire to become a father that he saw come true on his time travel just the fruit of a dream? Hadn't he taken an analgesic before leaving? Only the public will answer these questions.

The dream of travelling in time
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Comic comedy in three acts

The coronavirus pandemic breaks out but Annarita seems to be more worried by the gossip about the possible relationship of her  son Claude with a woman much older than him than by the current situation. The news, reported to her in confidence by a friend, will push her, in fact, to involve her husband in a plan to boycott this love story. Due to the restrictions in force that prevent them from going out, the two will be forced to find any accomplices but above all the person who should replace the old woman in the heart of Claude within the walls of the condominium. Unfortunately for them, the only twenty-year-old girl residing in the building isn't very beautiful. However she has only recently moved and Claude has never met her before. Therefore the parents will only have to invent a way to present her to him without him being able to see her clearly. From that moment on there will be a lot of comings and goings up and down the stairs that will unleash the fury of the tenant on the first floor always ready to fight with anyone who violates the rules imposed to face the pandemic. The plan will seem to have worked, in fact the chosen girl will come to end the relationship with her current boyfriend. Claude, however, not being interested in starting a relationship with her, when he finds out that his intentions have been misunderstood, he will try to take remedial measures. Unfortunately for him Jano, Lidia's ex-boyfriend, has now declared revenge. Will he succeed? Thanks to the intervention of Gustavo, a somewhat alternative character, but above all thanks to one of his pigeons, there will also be a way to communicate with the person who caused this uproar. What will be discovered at that point?

A forced quarantine
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Comic Comedy in three acts

In this comedy the theme of job insecurity is ironically treated. Ernest, in fact, is an unemployed fifty-year-old who is trying to return to the world of work. In one of the many unsuccessful job interviews he will realize that after a certain age threshold a person is cut off. Hiring young people costs much less and nothing matters if all this is to the detriment of the quality of the service offered. The man, depressed and disheartened, has attempted suicide several times, because he thinks that no one will give him a chance anymore. But he is wrong because he can count on sincere friends who will concoct a grotesque plan to spur him to react. The idea is to make him reflect on an important issue that distracts him from the problem that afflicts him. Since the man would never voluntarily undergo a psychoanalysis session, his friends decide to make him do it in a somewhat unusual way, hiring a doctor who uses a rather alternative method to visit his patients, so much so that he will pretend to be a buyer of souls. Ernest, in fact, to scrape together some money, replies to a bizarre article in the newspaper and agrees to sell his own. Following his repentance he will do everything to get it back. To find enough money to get his soul back or in any case to devise a ruse to get out of that situation, he will ask for help from the same person who, without his knowledge, with the complicity of others, concocted the plan. In this story, characters of all kinds will alternate, some even quite bizarre like Ernest's sisters-in-law who seem to make their appearance only to disturb the peace of the family, but who in reality will contribute to the success of this crazy plan that will lead Ernest to regain trust in others, but above all to find a job.

It's mine
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Comic comedy in three acts

Playing with the world of the occult is not recommended because very often it can have unforeseen and above all uncontrollable consequences. This is what Moriah, Simon and Shane will find out following a séance. In fact, they will come into contact with an otherworldly entity that from that moment on will begin to give them torment. They will have only one way to stop the spirit: find a woman named Victoria. Only in this way he will be able to rest in peace and above all will it be able to stop destroying objects in their homes. Unfortunately, with the little information available, the search will not be easy. But, since nothing is ever due to chance, fate want that woman to be much closer than they think. Victoria is in fact the lady who gives sewing lessons to Moriah's mother. But why did that spirit bother to contact that woman? What is left unfinished with her? The answers are traced back to the deceased's desire to reunite his family, which the adversities of life separated many years earlier, and to the desire to "meet", albeit from a parallel universe, the daughter born after his death. This episode will radically change the existence of Michela, Moira's mother; finding out the truth will finally melt her heart and make her a better person.

It's me
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Comic comedy in three acts

When we think we know the people who share our daily life, very often we are wrong. It would be enough to have the courage to speak sincerely with our loved ones and perhaps, we would avoid making mistakes that can change the entire course of our existence. Virgil is a boy often derided for his small disability, but above all for his sexual orientation. After having endured too long the abuses by a boy of his age, in order not to submit to the blackmail of the young delinquent who threatens to put his compromising photos online, he decides to commit a crime and from victim he will become an executioner. Being unable, because his small disability, to materially commit the crime, he instigates his friend Emmanuel to do so. His intent is to spare his parents the biggest disappointment of their life. What Virgil ignores, in fact, is that if only he had the courage to tell the truth, he would be amazed at the reaction of them, who aren't the old bigots as he thinks. Unfortunately for him, his gesture will not go unpunished, because the murdered boy is the son of a member of the underworld who will seek revenge. When the danger becomes looming, all that remains is to have the police intervene, thus opening Pandora's box and someone will pay the consequences. Piers, Virgil's father, will make a great sacrifice by taking the blame for the murder. The son, to repay him, can only make real man's greatest dream, that is to carry on the artisan business that has been passed on in that family for generations and which otherwise would have been closed forever. Despite the topic dealt with, there will be moments of hilarity thanks to the presence of particular characters such as Farley, the grocer, always ready to play jokes on everyone, but who in the most important moment will show great sensitivity and a deep sense of friendship.

A job to pass on
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Comic comedy in three acts

A strange anonymous phone call, which seems to have the air of a bad joke, immediately puts Albertina on alert. The woman, believing that her son has been kidnapped, orders her husband to go immediately to look for him despite the bad weather outside. The man, initially refractory, yields to his wife's pressure, but his searches will not result in finding his son. The boy, who left the house for his usual training, has not yet returned. Albertina, very worried, decides to alert, on the advice of a friend, a police constable who, unofficially, starts an investigation. The kidnapper initially sends the family, via a rider, an enigmatic ultimatum, then sends the real requests. From that moment a real race against time begins. In reality, Maverick, an excellent marathoner, has not been kidnapped at all, but someone has thought of poisoning him and to save his life he will have to give in to blackmail. The intent of the person responsible for the poisoning is to force him to confess to the use of doping substances and to push him to run clean for the rest of his competitive career, but not before having denounced who instigated him to do so: his coach. But what will the antidote consist of? And what effects will it have? There will be moments of hilarity, especially thanks to the presence of a nice character, husband of Albertina's friend. The man less and less lucid due to the multitude of drugs that his wife forces him to take, will be able to arouse numerous laughter, despite the apparent gravity of the situation.

A race against time
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Comic comedy in three acts.

To put an end to the constant intrusions into her apartment, Mary decides to take a dog as an anti-theft device. Titian, her husband, strongly opposes this decision due to the ban on keeping animals, imposed by the gruff Hannibal, one of the tenants of the building where the couple lives, but above all for fear of the repercussions on the already precarious family budget due to the hypochondria of his wife who thinks he can solve his health problems with the help of self-styled magicians. Unfortunately for him, his wife, now conquered by the little dog, is not in the least willing to change her mind and bring her new friend back to the kennel. Not having a dog's bed to let him stay in, he hands over to Cyntia, his sister, to whom he temporarily entrusts the dog, an old chair, unaware that ten thousand pounds are hidden inside the cavity of the session. After purchasing the dog's bed, the chair is thrown away. When the two sisters find out what was inside, they will desperately try to retrieve it. To gain time, Mary will insinuate the doubt to Titian that they have been victims of a theft by the usual thief who has visited their home several times. When Titian finds out that he has been duped, he will ask for an immediate refund of the money. Not being able to do this, the sister-in-law will invent the excuse of her husband's serious illness, who instead enjoys excellent health, to justify the fact that he no longer owns that money. Then Titian will give her an ultimatum: 20 days within which she can return the money. For this reason, the sisters will devise a special plan to make some money in case the finding of the chair is not successful.

In addition to the whole series of misunderstandings, there will also be some twists and turns during the unfolding of the story, for example when Titian catches red-handed the thief who systematically tries to break into his house. The man will also propose to the criminal, to avoid jail, to commit two murders. Titian, in fact, would like to get rid of the magician and his dying brother-in-law for good, before the two can leave him completely broke. The thief, however, will make him do an examination of conscience but takes his leave with the promise to repay him for not having reported him. When a dead body is found in an apartment of his building with a knife stuck in its throat, Titian will think that the man has kept his promise, but that he has the wrong person. The police investigation will shed light on the affair and allow Titian to breathe a sigh of relief. The escaped danger and the finding of the chair, in the end, will perform the miracle of making him perform a metamorphosis. In fact, Titian will decide to make his wife happy and host the new member of the family, even defying the wrath of Hannibal.


The antitheft
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Comic one-act theatrical piece.

The short story takes place inside a spare parts warehouse of a car dealership. The naive protagonist, during his first day at work, will be the target of little jokes by future colleagues who, by doing so, will try to evaluate his character, acumen but above all his possible attachment to work. The boy, finding himself interacting with bizarre customers, will try to do his best not to disappoint the expectations of those who gave him that opportunity, even if his patience will be really tested and when, resigned, he will throw in the towel, he will realize that despite all the mistakes made, he has passed the test.

The first day
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Comic comedy in three acts

There are two important themes in this comedy: that of a mother's possessive love for her son and that of gambling addiction. Nicla is a mother who, although animated by the best of intentions, ends up suffocating her son Thomas with too much love. The woman doesn't realize how deleterious her behavior is for the boy's growth. The boy, despite having reached the age to enter the adult world, is as naïve as a child and therefore vulnerable and manageable by anyone. The father, Gaspero, wanting to encourage his son, tries to help him open up to the world, however, unknowingly, he will push him into the arms of a person who will only try to take advantage of the boy's naivety. Fortunately, fate will bring Thomas to meet a sweet girl named Perla who will change the course of events. Finding true love will give the boy the right push to start looking at life through the eyes of an adult. But he won't be the only person who has to take over the reins of his life. Gaspero will also have to do the same, starting from regaining the respect of his wife. To succeed in this he will have to put her face to face with reality, in order to make her aware of the mistakes she is committing towards her son and brother Leo. Her compulsive gambling mania, initially born to satisfy the desire to complete a particular collection of Thomas, made her lose sight of the initial intent and ended up ruining her family and that of Leo who had financed her until that moment. In the end Thomas will be able to fulfill his dream of love and find his independence, but above all he will fulfill the dream of completing the collection of coins inherited from his grandfather.


20 Lire "Oak Branch"
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Comic comedy in three acts

A sudden drop in sales pushes Michael, owner and oenologist of a winery, to try to identify the source of the problem in order to solve the situation. Fearing that the cause is due to his loss of taste which occurred following surgery, he consults a naturist who suggests him an alternative way to speed up the healing process. The man, in fact, suggests to Michael to find a particular creature in danger of extinction: the red vampire, whose saliva has healing properties. The animal is a genetic mutation resulting from the crossing between a vampire bat and a rupicola which has the particularity of having wings as red as fire. Fate had wanted that a specimen of that breed had been saved by Michele's father, Martin, who took care of that strange bird until the day his wife forced him to give him freedom again. With the hope that the bird is hidden in the vineyards, some members of the firm staff begin to search desperately for the animal. Meanwhile, Michael's mother, after learning of the drop in olive oil sales, believing that the cause of all the troubles is attributable to the evil eye, consults a sorceress who will come to do her purification rite. Her intervention will be important, especially to give Martin some advice to be able to find the key to the problem. Like a private investigator, Martin will find out that the oil and wine were deliberately adulterated to bankrupt the company and take it over for two cents. Those responsible for the plot will be forced to confess. Eventually the red vampire will be found, and his saliva will allow Michele to heal, but above all, thanks to a brilliant intuition, it will allow him to revive the fortunes of the company.

Two wonderful wings
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Comic comedy in three acts

The comedy sees a woman struggling with her son and husband intent exclusively on realizing their bizarre ideas, regardless, however, of squandering the entire family patrimony. At first he supports them, even going into debt to buy a house where they can carry out their projects, then when the budget no longer allows it, he decides to stop financing them. The two, unaware of the woman's intentions, still their diatribe to grab the same space in the garden. Gideon, her husband, to place the invention of the century: a telescope which, according to him, will allow to detect dark matter. Jordan, the son, convinced that he is the reincarnation of Ramses II, to erect a pyramid, the construction of which will take place the prophecy that will allow him to regain the power of the past. Gideon, in addition to wanting to make the telescope, also has another dream: to send his voice into the universe. Having learned that a probe will be sent into space, he decides to replace the voice of the president of the United States with his own, and for this, with the help of a friend, he will violate NASA's security system, not without consequences. Susanna, having reached the limit of endurance, first decides to boycott the plans of her husband and son, even going so far as to have Jordan declare mentally ill by a false psychologist. Then, when she realizes that Tessa, the wealthy daughter-in-law, is willing to pay the costs of building the pyramid, she retraces her steps and makes the foreman review the estimates, so that Tessa also pays the money for her husband project. In the end, even the prophecy will come true allowing the family to solve all the economic problems, but Gideon's dreams of glory will open the doors of the prison to him, because the crime committed only for vain glory certainly cannot go unpunished.

A voice in the universe
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Comic comedy in three acts

The obsessive desire to become a mother pushes Tania, who no longer believes in the couple relationship, to consult a doctor to undergo assisted fertilization. Given the young age of the girl, Rosy and Oswald, the parents, not sharing their daughter's choice, try in every way to hinder the project. The two think, in fact, that it is a mere whim and that she is too stubborn to admit it. Furthermore, the fear of the repercussions that this could have on the health of the daughter pushes the couple to try to sabotage the meeting with the gynecologist who should perform the implant. Unfortunately, some small misunderstandings cause their plan to fail. So, all that remains is to ask for help from Sonia, Rosy's sister, with the hope that at least she will be able to convince her niece to change her mind. But how can a deranged woman who has been interned in a mental hospital for two years and who performs tribal rituals to chase away spirits be of any help? In spite of what her sister thinks, it will be she who devises the plan that will put Tania face to face with reality and that will open her eyes by showing her that who had done everything to encourage her had done it only for personal gain.

Two years in a mental hospital
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Comic comedy in three acts

The desire to help his mother Suzy, an aspiring musician, fulfill her dream drives Anson to get involved with shady individuals and drug dealers. The boy, despite being educated with sound principles, will look for the simplest way to earn some easy money, but soon he will realize that he is involved in a bigger deal than himself from which he can no longer withdraw. Convinced by his friend Lonny, he will hide a batch of cocaine and marijuana in the cupboard at home, which however, Paul, the father, will mistake for aphrodisiac products to be used to treat psycho-sexual problems. There will therefore be misunderstandings of patients convinced that they are going to an agency to solve their sentimental and family problems that will end up leaving with modest quantities of drug. There will also be an attempt to blackmail a well-known and respected therapist, considered by Paul to be responsible for this illegal trafficking. To the surprise of the protagonists, in the end, however, it will be discovered that behind it all lies the unsuspected Wendy, the woman, whom Suzy considers a friend and who has offered her various job opportunities. Seeing Suzy's reluctance to accept the latest job offer, Wendy to be able to assiduously infiltrate the house in order to keep an eye on the drug will offer her something truly tempting. Trying to exploit the woman's dream of living on music, she will propose three unlikely-looking members of a band known by the stage name: “Le coccinelle”. The plan devised by Wendy, however, will take an unexpected turn and, in the end, the woman will have to come out. With what consequences? Someone will end up in jail and someone else will end up in the hospital. Will it be her? Will Suzy be able to fulfill her dream? And what can the song of ladybirds shout to the whole world?

The ladybirds song
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Work in progress
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